‘How to teach the core PE skills ‘ (with videos)

Click below on a specific skill element where you can view the instruction video and skill cards for your personal use to help you in your next PE lesson. All the information here is additional support to the Complete K-2 Sport lesson resource. See the technique of the skills and how they should look, so you can demonstrate it to your class and get them on the way to becoming sport stars:

tennis how to teach elementary sport physical education• Tennis forehand strike
• Racquet ball handling
• Overhead strike
• Baseball swing

athletics sport pe kids teacher help how to resources pe• Jumping skills
• Balancing skills

basketball pe sport teacher grade 1 2 kindergarten skills ability school• Bouncing with 1 hand
• Cross-overs
• Dribbling and ball handling skills

throwing catching sport gym class elementary• Underarm throw
• Overarm throw
• Chest passing
• Individual throwing & catching skills

soccer kicking skills video kids teach gym class teacher• Dribbling and control
• Inside foot passing
• Shooting and big kicks
• Individual skills



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