‘Rapid Relay Races’: 6 competitive, challenging relay race ideas

Do you need some competitive sport ideas for your kids to do to break up their class time? Are you looking for some captivating ways to get your kids interested in your sport lessons? We’ve got a few ideas here for you to use in your next gym lesson using simple equipment that should be available at your school! Split your class up into equal teams, maybe in their house groups or school colours, and have them complete against each other with these exciting sport skill challenges.

These relay activities below are just a part of the Rapid Relay Races PE Sport – Grades K-3 pack, available now for immediate download onto your computer, tablet or smartphone, which now includes access to all 25 online ‘how-to-play’ videos.

🎽 6 races to try

Try these activities out these free activities below, we’ve given you a quick rundown for reach activity and the video of what it looks like! The first team to have each player complete the activity (one at a time) then all sit down wins. After, check out the complete pack containing 25 variations to work on your kids’ striking, moving, bouncing, throw & catching and kicking skills – where you’re also provided with instructions on how to teach the specific parts of the skills, and exactly what to say! 

  1. Split the class into 4 or 5 equal teams, then set up the relay race for each team
  2. Each group sits behind a starting cone at the start
  3. On “GO”, 1 person at a time from each group completes the task then comes back
  4. The next person in the group then goes…keep going until everyone has had a go
  5. The first group to all have completed the task wins

1 • Hockey target knockdown • a ‘striking’ pe challenge

hockey skills relay race game activity idea kindy school pe

2 • Zig-zag sprinting • a ‘moving’ pe challenge

physical education lesson idea running sprinting agility fundamental movement hoops cones bean bags

3 • Weave in & out then shoot • a ‘bouncing’ pe challenge

basketball drills kids hoop cones shoot dribbling kids pe sport lesson

4 • Throw bean bags in the hoop • a ‘throwing’ pe challenge

throwing bean bags hoops skill pe sport lesson kids grade 1

5 • Throw, clap and catch • a ‘catching’ pe challengecatch ball skills kids elementary school sport activity

6 • Dribble around the witch hat • a ‘kicking’ pe challenge

soccer skills kids ball dribble school lesson

We hope get a chance to play these 6 games at your gym or sports field, let us know your classes’ favourite out of the 6 – there’s 25 awesome activities to enjoy in the pack ›››

relay races games sport pe activities ideas

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