Agility, Balance & Co-ordination fundamentals lesson (grades K-4)

Many teachers don’t know where to begin with P.E activities and what needs to be covered. For healthy physical bodies, agility, balance, and co-ordination (ABC’s) are 3 fundamental abilities that need to be developed. This 1-hour lesson plan includes a range of activities taken from Prime Coaching’s ‘Agility, Balance, and Co-ordination fundamentals’ pack, which has over 60 different tasks.

Follow and adapt the lesson plan below with your K-4’s and get them challenging themselves and establishing building blocks for sport:

  1. Play a quick warm up game – 5mins (download some free ideas here)
  2. Students work individually on the first 3 activities with their own equipment – 5-10mins each
  3. Students work in pairs for the next 2 activities – 5-10mins each
  4. The whole class plays the last activity – 5-10mins

1. Figure of 8 around the cones (need 2 tall cones each)

pe games fundamental sport agility physical education

  •  Put the 2 tall cones about 3-4m apart
  •  Facing forwards, move side-to-side in and out of the cones in a figure of 8
  • Complete 10 laps
    • Then do the same while holding a basketball

2. Touch your nose to the ball (need 1 tall cone & 1 ball each)

web nose to ball

  • Balance the ball on the tall cone
  • Stand in front of it and lean over on 1 leg
  • Touch the ball with your nose without knocking it off, and without falling over
    • Complete 7 times on each leg (right/left)

3. Flick up a bean bag to catch (need 1 bean bag each)

bean bag pe games activities lessons sport ideas kindergarten grade 2

  • Put the bean bag on your foot
  • Quickly flick it up in the air
  • Catch it with 1 hand › Try to complete:
    • 10 times from your right foot
    • 10 times from your left foot

4. Jump the noodle (need 1 foam noodle each pair)pe games activities for kids school sport lessons

  • One player holds the foam noodle
  • The player then swipes the noodle left and right…left…right…low on the ground
  • Their partner must try to jump over the noodle without touching it
  • Complete 10 jumps then switch turns

5. Underarm throw & catch on 1 leg (need 2 spot markers and 1 bean bag for each pair)pe activities for kids bean bag ball sport games school pe physical education

  • Players face each other about 2-3m apart, each standing on a spot marker
  • Throw the bean bag underarm to your partner
  • Both of you must throw and catch the bean bag while balancing on 1 leg (on the spot marker)
    • Complete 10 throws & catches on each leg

6. Catch the falling cones (need 20+ coloured cones for the whole class)

pe game cones sport pe fun activities easy lesson plans sport physical education

  • The teacher stands on a box or bench holding a big pile of cones
  • The class stand all around the teacher
  1. The teacher throws/flings the cones out into the air all around
  2. Students try to catch them before they hit the ground – If you catch a cone, hold onto it and try to catch more
  3. Once all the cones have been thrown, count up how many you caught (1 point each cone)


  • Give points for different coloured cones (e.g pink = 1 point, red = 2 points, blue = 5, yellow = 10)
  • Or, instead of catching, students must dodge the cones (if you get hit, you are out)

What’s next…? These are only 6 of 60+ ABC tasks and activities, available as a downloadable resource pack now. In the pack you’ll be totally prepared to guide your students through the fundamentals abilities needed for physical development:

pe activities agility balance co-ordination sport games lesson plans kindergarten school physical education fundamental

sport lesson activities for kids pe fun games grade 1  2 elementary school

Beginning to teach P.E fundamentals has never been easier with these dynamic and energising ideas, click below to check them out now ›››agility balance action elementary grade 1 kindergarten fun lesson plans

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