How to teach the ‘Kicking’ skills -Turn your K-3’s into soccer stars

Are you struggling with ideas for your next PE lesson you need to teach? Do you need help with some of the key points when trying to teach soccer? It’s time to impress your class as the most awesome soccer coach/teacher, and it starts with the basics of:

  • Dribbling and control
  • Inside foot passing
  • Shooting and big kicks
  • Individual skills

First, watch the ‘How to teach Kicking ‘ PE instructional videos below ›

Now you’ve watched video to see the simple demonstrations on the variations, recap with the printable skill cards (click to view) ›

Take a look at the “See if you can…” poster below (click it to view and/or save), which gives you some quick ideas for individual challenges your students can try out, exploring their soccer dribbling and ball handling ability (you can print it out a put it in your sport hall) ›

soccer skills football kicking pe sport lesson ideas challenges kids

Now most importantly, check out the Complete K-2 PE and Sport skill & games pack – a perfect resource for elementary teachers who need everything prepared for them when it comes to PE! It’s packed with all the fundamental skill elements, and the kicking section includes the following games/drills:

• squash the tomatoes • strike the coconuts • boot the fruit • falling plums • space launchers • cross the river • tidy the bedroom • paint the eggs • dash & dribble • slippery snakes • bump the bees • save the eggs • the sleeping giant • castle knockdown • through the gates • golden nuggets • follow the leader • guard the yard • angry birds • soccer bull rush • pun the pears • go for goal • challengers • clean the sea • captain ball • traffic lights • shooting stars • the amazing adventure • zig-zag relays…


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