Kindy-Grade 3 Sport. The Complete Package. (and 6 free lesson ideas)

There’s a new lesson resource on the market – The Complete PE lessons, Skills & Games pack for grades K-2 that will have your students squirming in their seats before their scheduled sport lessons – There’s not a chance that your students will ever forget their gym clothes again, we guarantee it!

We know you most probably don’t need to hear again the benefits of physical education (muscle & bone development, social assimilation, confidence, team working and leadership, higher concentration levels, memory, resilience…), but what happens when you don’t know how to organise a solid soccer lesson, with the key teaching cues to get kids ‘inside foot’ passing the ball to their partner? Or when you’ve got 25 kids lined up… waiting… to have a turn wildly swinging a bat at a t-ball stand without any success.

Try out these 6 free activities in your next PE lesson and let us know what you think ›››

1 • Knock over the towers • Developing ‘striking’ skills 

tennis skills sport kids net gym class kindergarten activity

2 • Hurdling horses • Developing ‘moving’ skills 

jumping physical education gym mates cones kids fun

3 • Rob the nest • Developing ‘bouncing’ skills 

basketball hoops balls pe sport gym school lessons

4 • Fire the cannons • Developing ‘throwing’ skills 

Throwing balls hoops cones balls gym pe sport ideas

5 • Protect the castle • Developing ‘catching’ skills

balls cones kids pe school kindergarten gym lesson

6 • Protect the castle • Developing ‘kicking’ skills

soccer pe sport lessons kids grade 1 kindergarten ideas

We hope you enjoy these activities. Take a look at our most successful, instantly downloadable Complete Kindergarten (K-2) PE Sport Skills and Games pack, you’ll get over 100 activities covering the 6 skill elements –

Striking – 2-handed, 1-handed, overhead, passing, dribbling & shooting
Moving – Sprinting, dodging, jumping, balancing, hopping skipping…
Bouncing – Dribbling, protection, cross-overs, shooting
Throwing and catching – Chest & bounce passing, overarm & underarm throwing, catching
Kicking – Passing, controlling, dribbling, shooting, skills, punting

You’ll feel confident to teach all these skills to your students, even if you’ve never done them yourself! Everything is ready to go, no prep or planning and searching, meaning you can choose a lesson plan or game and setup it up straight off the iPad at your gym or sports field. You can also assess the students with a simple rationale to follow, perfect for your report writing!

sport pe games lesson resources kindergarten

Turn your students into absolute sport stars, developing their ability for a range of sports including baseball, american football, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, soccer, handball and much more… All the activities are so simple to follow, you can either go by the sample lesson structure, or simply pick and choose the activities you want to teach. Check out the pack now!

Some sports equipment you might like to check out:


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