‘Exploring PE Stations’ 6 awesome PE Station Activities for you to try straight away (K-3)

Stuck with ideas to engage your kids in gym class? Why not run these super fun, easy to set up stations for your class to rotate around through, challenge themselves, set personal records and record their results. We’ve given you 6 station activities to try below, part of the Exploring Stations PE & Sport Skills pack (K-3).

  1. Once you have set up the stations, explain and go through each station to the class
  2. Divide the class into 6 groups (1 group for each station), and put them at a station
  3. Allow 6-7 minutes for the kids to practice the skills
  4. Blow the whistle, each group rotates around to the next station
  5. Keep going until everyone has had a go on each station!

1 • Tap the ball through the hurdles • (striking)

hockey skills stick kids school sport pe elementary

2 • Walk across the benches • (moving)

school pe benches cones kids sport balance

3 • Bounce into the buckets • (bouncing)

basketball bounce ball kids skills sport school lesson

4 • Throw hoops over the cones • (throwing)

hoop throw fun game kids skills kindy

5 • Catch the ball in the cone • (catching)

catching skill fun activity kids school gym class

6 • Drop, kick & catch • (kicking)

soccer skills fun idea sport pe school lesson

Let us know your kids’ favourites – and check out more info on the whole pack below ›››

1. 60 exciting Sport Stations

You will be fully equipped with 60 easy to set up stations, with clear instructions on how to run each activity and improve your kids sports skills. There are 12 activities for each skill element, for:

 Striking  Moving  Bouncing  Throwing & Catching  Kicking


These activities are going to help turn your kids into budding baseball, basketball, tennis, hockey, volleyball, american football and soccer stars in no time!! Impress your principal and other staff members with confidence, working on your pupils’ hand-eye co-ordination, balance, agility and fundamental movement skills!

2. Printable Station Cards
You are provided with a file with all the stations, layed out in a way that you can print out and laminate them to last a long time. You can then put the station cards on the wall, or on a cone at the station you setup, so kids know exactly what to do.

3. Individual score sheets 
You can print out a score sheet for each student, where they can record their results from the tasks given at each station. Not only does this encourage a personal challenge, it aids with reading comprehension and counting and recording data.

Example questions for the students to fill out:
• “I carried ___ balls into the bucket”
• ” I jumped over the hurdles ___ times”
• “I hit the pin down ___ times”
• ” The most fun station was number ___”

4. Online video access
Now you’ll have access to online videos for EACH individual skill station activity – you can play the video to your class so you can see exactly how the station is setup and what you need to do – Teaching PE has never been so easy!

Thumb 1 station.jpg

Check out the full pack now, complete with 60 stations to get your kids challenging themselves, setting records and getting awesome at sport!!

Lifelong tool
Having these great ideas readily available on your iPad or printed out is a fantastic resource to use week by week, term by term, year by year, and we guarantee your kids will LOVE your new PE station ideas. This pack is also a great compliment to the Complete Kindergarten PE Sport Skills Games Pack , which has in-depth whole lesson plans for large classes, going through technique and progressions on each skill element.

Check out the stations at https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/PE-Sport-Station-Activities-The-Exploring-Stations-PE-Sport-Skills-Grades-K-3-2857949

Some sports equipment you might like to check out:

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