How to teach the ‘Moving’ skills – Key cues for skipping, leaping, jumping…

Let’s get your kids at lower elementary school off to a flying start by teaching them the different ways we can move around with our bodies. In this post we are going to cover the key words you can use for:

  • Jumping
  • Leaping
  • Skipping
  • Sprinting

First, watch the ‘How to teach Moving ‘ PE instructional video below ›


Now check out the printable skill cards for some of the basic things the kids need to know (click a skill to view) ›



Take a look at the “See if you can…” poster below (click to view and/or save), which gives you some quick ideas for individual challenges your students can try out, exploring their locomotion (you can print it out a put it in your sport hall) ›

kids sport gymnastics balancing bench jumping leaping skipping hoops hopping

Now most importantly, check out the Complete K-2 PE and Sport skill & games pack – a perfect resource for elementary teachers who need everything prepared for them when it comes to PE! It’s packed with all the fundamental skill elements, and the moving section includes the following games/drills:

• rotten eggs • incredible imaginations • cross the pond • mouse traps • climbing up the ladder • sprinting cheetahs • flags • chase the chickens • frogs on the lilly pads • over the canon • jump the crocs • hurdling horses • circus training • collect the treasure • safe to shore • copy cats • follow the leader…

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