Grade 3-6 PE Teaching

We want your grade 3-6 get the most out of their PE lessons – having fun whilst practicing their sport skills is essential during this stage. Check out the ideas:

› 8 warm up games – kick-start your lessons with these simple, yet thrilling activities ›››

Warm up Thumb 1

› Soccer skills – learn how to teach the essentials of passing, dribbling, shooting, and skillsThumb 1 Soccer

› Need unique, fun team games to play? Try one of our Team-Game lesson plans out ›››Thumb 1 TG

› Have a look at these PE Skill Station ideas – Great to use anytime of the year, develop multi-skills and set new records ›››Thumb 1 pair stationsIf you’re interested in teaching Volleyball to your school, we have a comprehensive unit pack complete with stations, drills, ‘how to’s’, games and activities with everything needed to teach volleyball – check out how to teach the skills now ›››VB Thumb 1