All the help you need to teach PE.

Are you an Elementary teacher? Are some of your kids busting to bounce a ball, eager to leap over some obstacles or raring to boot a soccer ball over the playground fence? Don’t worry, we understand, we’re here to help with that, we cover these fundamental gross-motor skills through different sports:

 Striking › 🏒 (baseball, tennis, hockey) 2-handed, 1-handed, overhead, passing, dribbling & shooting
 Moving › 🎽 (athletics, gymnastics) Sprinting, dodging, jumping, balancing, hopping skipping…
 Bouncing › 🏀 (basketball) Dribbling, protection, cross-overs, shooting
 Throwing and  catching › 🏈 (American football, handball…) Chest & bounce passing, overarm & underarm throwing, catching
 Kicking › ⚽ (soccer) Passing, controlling, dribbling, shooting, skills, punting

 Gymnastics › Shapes, balances, supports, rotations, ground work

Fitness circuits › Core, flexibility & balance, stamina, leg strength, arm strength, whole body

Click on an age range to view some lesson ideas and activities:

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Teaching resources

Our goal here at Prime Coaching Sport is to equip you, the elementary teacher, with the knowledge, resources and skills required to deliver game-changing sport to your kids in school, PE lessons, camps and carnivals. Developed by experienced and passionate elementary sport teachers, we offer a quality collection of no-prep lesson plans, games, skills, drills and activities that you can easily teach at your school.

‘How to teach PE’ videos 

Each skill element has an accompanying instructional video to help you know what exactly to say and how the skill should look.