How to teach the ‘Throwing & Catching’ skills – Key cues for different variations

Throwing & catching skills are a MUST for your PE lessons, kids need as much fundamental gross-motor movement experience as possible in order to develop their abilities. This post covers the basics you need to know as a teacher, to help your class with their:

  • Underarm throwing
  • Overarm throwing
  • Chest passing
  • Individual throwing & catching skills

First, watch the ‘How to teach Throwing & Catching ‘ PE instructional video below ›

Now you’ve watched the videos to see the simple demonstrations on the variations, recap with the printable skill cards (click to view) ›

Take a look at the “See if you can…” poster below (click it to view and/or save), which gives you some quick ideas for individual challenges your students can try out, exploring their throwing and catching ability (you can print it out a put it in your sport hall) ›

throwing catching games kids ball skills cha ideas

Now most importantly, check out the Complete K-2 PE and Sport skill & games pack – a perfect resource for elementary teachers who need everything prepared for them when it comes to PE! It’s packed with all the fundamental skill elements, and the throwing & catching section includes the following games/drills:

• chest pass the chestnuts • launch the lemons • swing the strawberries • bounce the berries • catch the apples • toss the garbage • castle knockdown • bop the beavers • tidy the bedroom • rotten tomatoes • tricky switches • serve up the ice-cream • skittle ball • protect the castle • throwball • captain ball • fire the cannons • cakes, cookies & pies • handball


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