Competitive team games (and an activity to try in your next PE lesson)

Do your PE lessons need a bit of a kickstart? Do you need a new surge of energy, something unique and thrilling that will engage your students like never before in sport?

I’m excited to launch the new Grade 3-6 PE Team Games pack – developed after years of trying and testing with loads of schools, these are the best of the best games – Not only will your class get so excited for their next PE lesson, but they’ll have the chance to develop their teamwork, co-operation and leadership skills.

1. Check out one of the lessons, “Slide, sling, save” › a throwing, dodging and catching game for your next sport lesson. Have a look at the activity plan below, then play the ‘How to play’ video to your class so they get a brief understanding of the game, and then get them to help setup with you!

Team games

(click to view larger and download)

2. Now you have an idea of the game, play this video to your class:

3. Run the lesson with your kids, and let us know how it goes!

Now make sure you your check out the entire Team Games pack – available for immediate digital download. You’ll be fully equipped with:



Not only is each lesson plan so easy to teach, you get a couple of variations to try for each game, so you (the teacher) can easily adapt, change, and challenge for your class with NO LESSON PREP needed. The lesson plans are great for large or small classes and complete with diagrams, set up instructions, gameplay and variations to try – and they also read great straight off the iPad/tablet.


You’ll also be equipped with a 2-3 minute ‘How to play’ video for each game – Simply play the video to your class before the lesson – the video explains to them how to set up and play the game with the basic rules – that’s even less work on your part. You can even choose 2-3 kids to prepare and setup the equipment needed, and select leaders to organise the teams…

“Teaching PE and sport has never been easier”

We know you and your class will love these exciting, refreshing whole-class games, click on the image below to check them out ›››

Thumb 1 TG

Have fun out there! Prime Coaching Sport – Game. Changing. Sport.

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