Teaching the Volleyball skills

If you’re wanting to get your class up to scratch with the core volleyball skills this year, watch these simple “How to teach” volleyball videos below, then check out the 🏐 Elementary Volleyball PE unit resource for amazing drills, games and lesson ideas for your class.

You’ll learn the key points for the • Dig • Set • Spike • Serves •

the dig

– Also known as the bump, is the most used skill to pass the ball

the set

– An overhead pass to put the ball in a good position

the spike

– The most exciting skill, trying to hit the ball over the net on the opponents ground to win a point

the serves

– The serves put the ball into play, sending the ball over the net to start a rally

Have them practicing these individual skills like these:

Now you know how to teach the basics of volleyball, have a look at this Volleyball unit, specially developed for grade 3-6 students – The resource is packed full of volleyball warmup games, individual/partner drills, high-activity game-based drills, games, and stations. You’re also given a 6-week structured lesson plan and assessment sheets – everything you need to get your kids on the way to becoming volleyball superstars! Click on the picture below to check it out now!

volleyball sport pe lesson games teaching elementary how to dig set spike serving games skill

click on an image below to view it larger and save it to your computer ›

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