Locomotion – The basics of movement

locomotion gross motor sport physical education games pe running skipping jumping hopping galloping

You may have realised that some students struggle to grasp basic movement patterns when out in the playground or while playing particular sports. Locomotion skills form the building blocks for more complex movements needed in sports, as your students develop and grow. To some this comes naturally, whilst with others you need to give them that little extra coaching and encouragement to help them push through in their gross-motor abilities.

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Below I go through the 7 essential variations of movements that are required across a multitude of sports such as basketball, soccer, volleyball, American football, tennis and more! You can watch the videos with your class as then take them out to practice and play!

Running Skipping Hopping Jumping  Leaping  Galloping Side stepping


  • Pump your arms backwards and forwards (don’t swing them out to the sides)
  • Lift your knees high each step
  • Keep your back straight


  • Hop up and land on 1 foot… then switch feet
  • Hop and land off of your toes
  • Swing your arms to help you hop high


  • Hop up and land on 1 foot (on your toes)
  • Practice using just your left or right foot


  • Keep your knees and feet together
  • Jump off of both feet at the same time (on your toes)
  • Swing your arms to help you jump further

8leap 2

  • Jump off of one foot, and land on the other
  • Try to jump high and far
  • Jump and land on your toes

8gallop 2

  • Put 1 leg out straight in front of you (and the other leg behind)
  • Move forward keeping the same leg in front, and same leg behind

8side 2

  • Stay low with your knees bent
  • Keep on your toes
  • Move left and right facing the same way


It’s time for you and your students put their movement into practice! We’ve got loads of games prepared for you and your class to go through, you’ll never run out of PE ideas 🙂


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