How to teach the ‘Striking’ skills – Key cues for hitting a ball with a racquet, stick or bat

Do you need to help when it comes to teaching the key cues for tennis, baseball, and hockey? Your kindies, grade 1’s 2’s and 3’s will love you for your new-found expertise in coaching them what to do to turn them into little sport stars! In this post you will be given some quick tips on how to successfully (and safely!) instruct your kids to perform:

  • A baseball swing ⚾
  • A 1-handed tennis hit 🎾
  • Overhead striking 🏐
  • Hockey dribbling 🏒

First, watch the ‘How to teach Striking ‘ PE instructional videos below 

Now you’ve watched video to see the simple demonstrations, recap with the printable skill cards (click to view) ›

Take a look at the “See if you can…” poster below (click it to view and/or save), which gives you some quick ideas for individual challenges your students can try out, exploring their tennis and hockey ability (you can print it out a put it in your sport hall) ›

tennis hockey skills bounce hit strike ball kids elementary sport pe lessons kindergarten grade 1 grade 2 challenge

Now most importantly, check out the Complete K-2 PE and Sport skill & games pack – a perfect resource for elementary teachers who need everything prepared for them when it comes to PE! It’s packed with all the fundamental skill elements, and the striking section includes the following games/drills:

• catch the egg • knock the nuts • feed the lions • over the fence • quick baseball • hurl the pancakes • balloon juggling • feed & hit • in the hoop • charge • jailbreakers • knock over the towers • the blockers • through the gates • battleship strike down • dribble mayhem numbers hockey…


click to view

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