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Introducing Game. Changing. Sport lessons.

As an elementary school teacher, you have your own style, personality and flare. But what happens when it comes to Friday afternoon and it’s that dreaded period where you know you’ve got to somehow teach basketball or soccer and, let’s be honest, you’ve never played it in your life!! You could throw out heaps of equipment onto the playground, and let the kids discover for themselves how to swing a baseball bat (at each other) – but if you want to prepare your students to get the best sport teaching, you’re going to want to go through the most important coaching points, skill areas and correct technique to turn them into sporting legends!!

That’s where we come in. Here at Prime Coaching Sport, we’ve taken out all the preparation and research for you. All you need to do is copy as the lesson plans say – setup the cones, balls hoops and bibs as we show you, then follow the lesson plan off your iPad.


So, I don’t have to be experienced athlete you say? No way! The kindies will never know that you have two left feet (or even non) to kick a soccer ball, or if your attempt at over-arm throwing a baseball is rather embarrassing.


After having worked with literally hundreds of teachers, coaches, educators and sports enthusiasts, it has become so clear that the art of teaching is completely different to the art of playing. Some of the best PE teachers I’ve worked with manage to captivate the kids with key words, powerful cues and themed movements to get through the understanding of how to perform the skill. Here at Prime Coaching, those crucial elements have been prepared for you so you know EXACTLY WHAT TO SAY to your class, and they’ll be able to understand and try it out for themselves.

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